Instruction/Riding Academy


Sterling Shields Stables Riding Academy

Here at Sterling Shields Stables Riding Academy we believe that all aspects of horsemanship are essential to becoming an exceptional equestrian.  Therefore, we instruct every student accordingly.  All students start out in English saddle and learn balance and correct basics from the beginning.  Our program is geared for all levels and places students properly so that they are constantly challenged.  There is a focus on Dressage and Jumping at every level.  We train so that every rider can compete if so desired. It is true most students are children however we are proud to say we have many adults of all ages enjoying our program. We have a adult program suited to busy professionals  with flexibility.  

Every child that participates in our lesson program is included in our Saddle Club.  Saddle Club is something unique to our stables.  Every Saturday, that is not a Holiday or show day, is a Saddle Club day from 12-3:30.  The students are encouraged to come hang out and just be barn kids.  We have many horse related activities they can participate in. (There is no cost involved).  This program has been a huge success and the kids love it!  

Sterling Shields Stables Equestrian Team is for the student that chooses to take their skills to a competitive level.  To participate on the Equestrian team, you must train a minimum of 2 times a week and commit to our show schedule and the  all of Academy's  sessions. We have the perfect horse  for you to lease for competition or Kim will help you buy the correct horse. We travel to A shows and Florida in the winter.

Riding Academy

The Academy program is based on 3 Sessions:

  • Fall Session | September 1st - December 31st

  • Winter/Spring Session | January 1st - May 31st

  • Summer Session | June 1st - August 31st

All Academy lessons are 2 hours and 30 minutes. This time includes1.5 hrs of barn and horse chores. Adults are only expected to clean up after their mount.

Monthly Payments 
$49.00 per lesson

*The amount is based how many times your lesson day occurs in the month.


Ages 5 and Up
1 hour Group lessons $49.00
Private 1 hour lesson $69.00

Each student will be required to clean up after their mount per barn rules.

Equipment Required

Students Enrolled in the Academy*

  • Helmet

  • Riding Pants

  • Paddock Boots or Tall Boots

  • English Spurs and Crop

*Proper Equipment is required for all students once enrolled.

*We rent helmets if needed.

Cancellation Policy

Enrolled Academy Students: You are allowed 2 missed lessons no question asked, makeups must be made up prior to the end of the session. Payment is required even if lesson is missed.

10665 E 300 S | Zionsville, IN 46077 | Text: 317-260-6744